Captain's Walk Seven Seas



Double Gold, 2021 Experience Rosé Competition - 98

Experience oceans of flavor with this blend of seven American-grown grapes. Vibrant aromas of fresh pear, ripe apple, and aromatic apricot mingle in the natural acidity of this one-of-a-kind creation.


  • Silver, 2020 USA Wine Ratings- 84
  • Gold, 2018 Experience Rosé Competition
  • Silver, 2017 INDY International Wine Competition


Cellar Life: 1-2 years
Residual Sweetness: 1.6%
Alcohol: 12.6%
Serving temperature: 50°F

Details Sheet (PDF)


7 Seas is a very versatile rosé. The most popular pairings are poultry, pork, ham, and seafoods. Also, try pairing this rosé with goat cheese and other mild cheeses.

Captain's Walk Seven Seas