• Captain's Walk Fumé Blanc Photo
    Captain's Walk Fumé Blanc

    An incredibly full and juicy wine with flavors of pineapple, gooseberries and butterscotch.

  • Captain's Walk Sauvignon Blanc Photo
    Captain's Walk Sauvignon Blanc

    A juicy wine with rich body yet supple mouth feel.

  • Captain's Walk Chardonnay Photo
    Captain's Walk Chardonnay

    Creamy with a buttery texture and aromas of fig, tropical fruit and toast.

  • Captain's Walk Riesling Photo
    Captain's Walk Riesling

    Captain’s Riesling is a vibrant white with aromas of violets, fresh dew, apple blossoms and the sweet nose of nectar.

  • Captain's Walk Gewurztraminer Photo
    Captain's Walk Gewurztraminer

    A semi-sweet German style white with botanical notes of roses, honeysuckle and ginger.

  • Captain's Walk Captain's White Photo
    Captain's Walk Captain's White

    Captain’s White expresses a sweet honey and fruit laden nose with aromas of rose blossoms and nectar.

  • Captain's Walk Titletown Moscato Photo
    Captain's Walk Titletown Moscato

    A fruity and effervescent wine with intense orange, guava and passion fruit aromas.

  • Captain's Walk Disappearing Treasure Photo
    Captain's Walk Disappearing Treasure

    This perfect union of Riesling and Gewurztraminer displays mellow flavors of pear, honey, melon and peach.