• Captain's Walk Nebbiolo Photo
    Captain's Walk Nebbiolo

    Remarkably robust in taste with structured tannins and lively character. A translucent red with delicate aromas of violets, wild herbs, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco and dried plums.

  • Captain's Walk Riverside Red Photo
    Captain's Walk Riverside Red

    An easy going blend of red vinifera grapes.

  • Captain's Walk Sangiovese Photo
    Captain's Walk Sangiovese

    This bold Sangiovese shows how rich, yet supple, the varietal can be.

  • Captain's Walk Petit Verdot Photo
    Captain's Walk Petit Verdot

    Garnet in color with layered flavors of cacao plus hints of black cherry and cranberry.

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  • Captain's Walk Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec Photo
    Captain's Walk Cabernet Sauvignon-Malbec

    Opulent with warm aromas of blackberry jam, plum and cassis. Subtle notes of toasted oak and vanilla marry with earthy flavors of rick black curranr and a hint of molasses cookie on the finish. Enjoy with grilled chorizo, lasagna or BBQ lamb. 149 cases produced.

  • Captain's Walk Cabernet Sauvignon Photo
    Captain's Walk Cabernet Sauvignon

    A cacophony of aromas including jam, toffee and cigar box, tied together with a hint of toasty oak and mocha.

  • Captain's Walk 2019 Meritage Photo
    Captain's Walk 2019 Meritage

    This Bordeaux style blend has great depth and character of floral and dark fruits on the nose with dark cherry, herbs, and oak spice on the tongue. A long gripping finish pairs will with lamb, hamburgers and cheese plates.

  • Captain's Walk Captain's Red Photo
    Captain's Walk Captain's Red

    A highly quaffable off-dry (lightly sweet) red that is smooth and supple with low tannins.

  • Captain's Walk Crimson Moscato Photo
    Captain's Walk Crimson Moscato

    This crimson beauty is the marriage of two sweet favorites. Wonderful aromas of grape jelly and orange zest lead to a luscious mouthful of fruity bliss.

    50% Concord •10% Moscato


    Cellar Life: 1 year
    Residual Sweetness: 7.0%
    Alcohol: 12.0%
    Serving temperature: 50°F

  • Captain's Walk Captain's Mistress Photo
    Captain's Walk Captain's Mistress

    This rich and velvety fortified port style wine.

  • Captain's Walk Captain Stiehl Photo
    Captain's Walk Captain Stiehl
  • Captain's Walk Merlot Photo
    Captain's Walk Merlot

    This wine greets you with a warm bouquet: a sweet scent of dried plums, cured tobacco and cedar.

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