Naughty Girl



Whether sneaking a sip on a breezy moonlit night or indulging in a chilled glass under the heat of the summer sun, after every taste expect to long for more. She's spunky with a beauty worth savoring. She will delight you with laughter, then in an instant, like a juicy grape on the satisfied autumn vine, will disappear and leave only the lingering sweet memory that simply began with wine! Elegant yet sassy, Naughty Girl dances on your palate with the grace of a full-bodied red and the excitement of fresh raspberries, layers of dark fruit and smooth tannins lead into an exquisite finish.

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  • Gold, 2016 INDY International Wine Competition



Cellar Life: 1-2 years
Residual Sweetness: 3.0%
Alcohol: 13.5%
Serving temperature: 46°F

Details Sheet (PDF)


Enjoy with roasted foods, grilled foods, robust cheeses, and sweet foods. Try making a reduction with this wine or add as part of ‘the liquid’ in a sauce recipe. Pour it into a big glass to accompany a big juicy blue cheeseburger.

Naughty Girl Product Photo