Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Cider



A fortified blend of five varieties of apples. Aromas of almonds and vanilla beans from six months of Bourbon barrel aging. Apple brandy adds extra warmth and depth.


  • Gold, 2017 INDY International Wine Competition
  • Best In Class, 2017 INDY International Wine Competition
  • Bronze, 2017 Wine Is Wisconsin Wine Competition

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Cellar Life: 1 year
Residual Sweetness: 3.0%
Alcohol: 11.5%
Serving temperature: 46°F

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Roasted pork dishes, mild sausages such as our Hard Cider Sausage, smoked Applewood or apple cinnamon cheeses. For dessert, try toffee coated almonds, apple pie or anything with maple or cinnamon.


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Cider Product Photo